The next wave in psychedelic drug development

our purpose

We are driven by patient outcomes.

Tryp Therapeutics focuses on areas of unmet medical need where other treatments have fallen short.

Healthier, happier patients.

Millions of people suffer from health conditions like chronic pain, for which few or no effective treatment options currently exist.

Each one of these conditions is a humanitarian need—and an unaddressed market opportunity.

Our pharmaceutical focus on psilocybin has the potential to transform the treatment of chronic pain and other indications, and relieve the suffering of millions of patients.

Soothing chronic conditions while limiting side effects.

Take a look at our pipeline

Current state

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    Daily medications

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    Hard-to-live-with side effects

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    Treating the symptoms

Our vision for the future

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    Treatment given once or twice a year

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    Patient-friendly drug administered with psychotherapy

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    Treating the disease

our strategy

Addressing unmet needs with proven potential.

Leading research institutions have been investigating the promise of psilocybin to transform the treatment of chronic pain and other indications for years.



We are addressing indications with critical, unmet medical needs that most psychedelic drug development companies are not.


We have proprietary and differentiated methods for manufacturing, formulating, dosing and administering psychedelic compounds.


We have the right scientific and executive team to successfully deliver new therapies to patients.

Tryp Therapeutics is one of the first players to help realize this promise, leading the next wave of psychedelic drug development that extends beyond mental health.

First-to-market, then on to scale.

Tryp is developing psilocybin-based treatments for chronic pain indications and eating disorders.

We are already on the cusp of our first major clinical milestones.

Our sole focus on psilocybin positions us to take advantage of the more than 50 FDA-registered studies firmly establishing the compound’s safety profile.

Our trials are expected to bypass preclinical and Phase 1 studies and move directly to Phase 2a clinical trials within the next several months.

Deep dive the pipelines

Our trials are expected to bypass preclinical and Phase 1 studies and move directly to Phase 2a clinical trials within the next several months.

Deep dive the pipelines

Innovation at our core

  • We are pioneering proprietary formulations for synthetic psilocybin and novel techniques for its manufacture.

  • We are developing dosing and delivery methods for psychedelics to reduce the time spent by patients in the psychedelic state, thereby improving their experience.

  • We are pursuing global patents at every opportunity, with a foundational provisional patent application already filed and many more to come.

The skills to scale

Our senior leaders have proven abilities to build and scale across a variety of relevant categories.

Our management team has an innate ability to create and nurture collaborations with the best scientific talent from leading universities and research institutions around the world.

our leaders

The right people at the right time.

Our management team

Our leaders bring an enormous breadth and depth of proven experience in building companies in the pharmaceuticals sector.

Get in contact

Jim Gilligan, PhD
Interim Chief Executive Officer, President & Chief Scientific Officer

Peter Guzzo, PhD
VP, Drug Development

Larry Norder
VP, Manufacturing

Beverlee Loeser
Senior Director of Program Management and Clinical Operations

Our scientific advisors

With a reputation for a collaborative approach with academic and research institutions, we’ve built a world-class cohort of scientific advisors.

Tryp Therapeutics’ Scientific Advisory Board is chaired by Robin Carhart-Harris, Ph.D.

Robin Carhart-Harris, Ph.D.
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board

Daniel Clauw, MD
Scientific Advisor

Joel Castellanos, MD
Scientific Advisor

Rachel Wevrick, PhD
Scientific Advisor

Derek Ott, MD
Scientific Advisor

William Schmidt, PhD
Scientific Advisor

Our board of directors

Our Board of Directors bring a wealth of valuable experience in drug development, capital markets, and investment management activities.

Gage Jull

James Kuo, MD
Director & Co-Founder

Peter Molloy

David Tousley